Domestic Groove: ADE DARMAWAN

Mostly rock and metal. I’m kind of stuck in 60’s to 90’s music hehe… I don’t really follow current music trend. Plus I’m not really listening to radios or watching TVs anymore.

Dialog Dini Hari: Lengkung Langit

Perserikatan introspective folk paling dihormati di Bali yang notabene pamornya berangsur kian benderang dalam lingkup Nusantara, Dialog Dini Hari, baru saja menerbitkan album termutakhirnya, Lengkung Langit.

Domestic Groove: LUCY WIRYONO

New Kids On The Block! Post concert syndrome. Oh well, considering I’ve waited 20 years to see them… I’ve spent my life listening to their albums over and over again haha…

Home of tristan

Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di sini

Here comes tristan, an alternative folk duo who are currently much-loved by many young adult Jakartans. Two high-school friends are the main members, Andrie Ridwan (singer, songwriter) and Andrew Hutasoit (multi-instrumentalist, composer), and they have just released their full-length debut album, HOME.

Consisting of 11 songs, only one is written in Indonesian, the rest are in English. However, the Indonesian one, “Jelang Malam”, was instantly appreciated by the Indonesian public and has reached top position on one of Jakarta radio’s indie charts.

Released under the flag of demajors records, all of the album materials were intimately recorded at home, using what the band calls their “home-recording” technique. Presenting “Songbird” as their first single, tristan music style is, according to them, heavily infected by The Beatles, Radiohead, Nick Drake, Jon Brion and Brooke Fraser.

Keep yourself updated by visiting frequently, and following the band on Twitter at @tristanologi.

Kikan Namara 1

Domestic Groove: KIKAN NAMARA

Well, right now I’m preparing for my first solo album—my first single, “Serasa”, is already out, by the way.

Domestic Groove: RICHARD OH

All this month, three songs seem to take possession of me: James Morrison’s “In My Dreams” and Jason Mraz’s “The World As I See It” and “I Won’t Give Up”.

Suri, Sabbath, and Mothology

ika anda menyukai musik padat-berat, blues-rock menjadi tarekat, berhasrat hebat pada psikedelik dan Black Sabbath, maka Suri adalah opsi lokal yang tepat sebagai kandidat.

Fable: Been Caught Recording

Pertama kali muncul pada 1994 kala dimana musik alternatif mulai merebak di Nusantara, Fable mengawali kiprahnya di beragam panggung di Jakarta, mulai dari ajang alternatif, brit pop, hardcore, pensi sampai kafe.

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