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All this month, three songs seem to take possession of me: James Morrison's "In My Dreams" and Jason Mraz's "The World As I See It" and "I Won't Give Up".
Pertama kali muncul pada 1994 kala dimana musik alternatif mulai merebak di Nusantara, Fable mengawali kiprahnya di beragam panggung di Jakarta, mulai dari ajang alternatif, brit pop, hardcore, pensi sampai kafe.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniAnother young talented Jakarta band: Drew. The story started in 2007. Sashi Gandarum (vocal, guitar) was asked to be a regular performer doing acoustic cover version sets at a cafe in Kemang. Sashi then asked her old band mates Putra Praditya (guitar) and Aji Yudo (drum) to back her up. Drew, a unisex name, was also chosen due to an admiration to Drew Barrymore. Thus, a band was born. During three years when they played in bars and lounge around Kemang, they had a chance to release an original single, "Unromantic". From here, they became more enthusiastic to release their own original works. Then in 2009 they recruited Shanda Singgih (bass) to join the team. Finally in late October 2011 their debut album, Sing With Drew, was released. It consisted of 11 songs, the compositions are basically easy listening pop songs but more deep and meaningful, yet based on non-fictions. Two well-known guys also participated behind the scene for Drew debut album: Tommy P. Utomo as the sound engineer, and Andi Rianto as the music director. Their first single, "Radio", has currently played heavily on national radios. Go to MySpace and type "singwithdrew" to listen to their songs and find out more about them.
Here's one brand new band people should watch: Fever To Tell. Formed in early 2010 in Jakarta the group with unique formation, four women one men, has received praise for their dynamic live performance. Mixing Riot Grrrl 90's rock—think Bikini Kill—and add 80's new wave to its element, their first single "Fight Night" gained huge attention from the indie scene and music journalists. Trax FM and OZ Radio Jakarta have played it quite intensively. It's also used as the main theme song for a short movie, Peron, which is in Belkibolang's compilation. Not to mention one cool radio program, Substereo in OZ Radio Jakarta, named them as "The Chosen One". As new kids on the block, they have been invited to some prestigious live gigs in the capital city of Indonesia such as JavaRockin'Land, Terusik Traxkustik and The Music Network Festival. Fever To Tell is now compiling material to be included in their first E.P. The band is planning to start recording in January 2012. Keep yourself updated by visiting their website
DOMESTIC GROOVE ~ Celeb’s Chosen Nine is my biweekly column in The Beat (Jakarta) mag. Basically it’s an interview via e-mail which focuses on small, intimate, domestic stuff; what Indonesia’s public figures are really into. For the 28th edition I went upclose-and-personal with Ras Muhamad.
DOMESTIC GROOVE ~ Celeb's Chosen Nine is my biweekly column in The Beat (Jakarta) mag. Basically it's an interview via e-mail which focuses on small, intimate, domestic stuff; what Indonesia's public figures are really into. For the 27th edition I went upclose-and-personal with Mira Lesmana.
The city of Bekasi has never been much known for its musical talent, that is, with the possible exception of The Experience Brothers. The rocking' duo are currently playing to packed audiences all over the place, not to mention having a new album out there. After forming as a trio in 2001 and recording their first album in 2008 called Summer of Love, they decided to change the lineup to a duo, featuring Ibrahim Saladdin as the lead vocalist and guitarist, and Daud Sarassin in charge of drums and backing vocal. In 2011 they finally released their new album, Eye Contact, with the track "She's Alright" as their first single. They call their mix of Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin and raw today's music as "modern psychedelic rock blues". If you're still not convinced, check them out first on MySpace and join their Facebook page, or try to catch one of their frequent live gigs around town.


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