Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: RUDEBOY DODIX

Edition: November 11, 2009

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: RUDEBOY DODIX
Roots, Rock & the Rebel Riddim: The Rude Guide to Jamaican-esque Sound System

:: Playlist, notes and photos, written and handpicked by Dodix Himself ::

…A two hour journey to the “one love” fuelled of tunes,
presenting not just the original gangsters and the plaid clad
but also the Indonesia’s most influential Ska — Dancehall – Rocksteady bands…..

User’s guide: just sway and smile and try to work out if you’re moving to
the one beat or the off beat or the bass line or the melody or any one of the many delay units…
’cause one of them is going to get you…

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