Adib Hidayat: Bromancing the Stone

Salatiga, pada khususnya, setelah Arief Budiman, Roy Marten, Rudy Salam, Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto, Bambang Pamungkas, dan Bre Redana, kini punya suri tauladan baru: Adib Hidayat.

Homegrown & Well Known: ANOM DARSANA

When a stranger gives you a difficult 2-in-1 task: “I need a local guy who understands about international-standard sound recording and is also able to organize sophisticated music concerts,” no need to be panic, just say this name: Anom Darsana.

Homegrown & Well Known: ROBIN LIM

Ibu Robin believes that love heals. Since 2003 she has volunteered to help mothers in Bali deliver babies (via the Bumi Sehat Foundation).

Homegrown & Well Known: ODECK ARIAWAN

Soon after he made the decision to quit working for a Seattle-based cruise company, Odeck began a mini cuisine revolution by introducing—arguably—the first ever fine dining concept to the Ubud food scene via “Ary’s Warung”.

Domestic Groove: LUCY WIRYONO

New Kids On The Block! Post concert syndrome. Oh well, considering I’ve waited 20 years to see them… I’ve spent my life listening to their albums over and over again haha…

Kikan Namara 1

Domestic Groove: KIKAN NAMARA

Well, right now I’m preparing for my first solo album—my first single, “Serasa”, is already out, by the way.

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