65 years ago today, Rock Around the Clock movie gets banned due to its "hypnotic rhythm and the wild gestures have a maddening effect on a rhythm loving age group and the result of its impact is the relaxing of all self control."
Musik Menguatkan Kita. Slogan yang digaungkan oleh para tulang punggung Anugerah Musik Bali 2021 tanpa disadari, secara psikologis, telah meneguhkan itikad mereka untuk tetap melanjutkan acara bersejarah tersebut. Seberapapun beratnya. Apapun risikonya. Dan memang, walau dalam situasi pagebluk yang serba sulit, kendala moral pula material nan kolosal, pagelaran di tahun ketiga ini nyatanya bisa terselenggara baik, relatif sukses besar.
These days, you've been a cranky, cruel, uncharming, so hard to love middle-aged asexual human. I'm no longer a religious devotee of you. But, still, I have to admit, you've had a significant impact in my pop culture adventure. So, yeah, happy birthday and sing your life, Moz!
A topnotch new music by sludge sonic architects named Gergasi Api. Majestic, magnificent, and atmospherically gothgeous post-rock. An abrasive wall of sound juggernaut conducted by a petite, beautiful black-dressed lady from Batcave’s early days. Or picture this: Siouxsie Sioux sharing a bottle of Islay whisky with a doomgaze scientist named E.

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