Lala Karmela

Between Us & Lala

Lala Karmela isn't the same singer you used to know. Having released one generic, commercial pop album, the girl better known as Lala, has returned to the scene of her crime and decided to show her 'as close to the truth as pop-gets' version of herself by way of Between Us.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniAnother young talented Jakarta band: Drew. The story started in 2007. Sashi Gandarum (vocal, guitar) was asked to be a regular performer doing acoustic cover version sets at a cafe in Kemang. Sashi then asked her old band mates Putra Praditya (guitar) and Aji Yudo (drum) to back her up. Drew, a unisex name, was also chosen due to an admiration to Drew Barrymore. Thus, a band was born. During three years when they played in bars and lounge around Kemang, they had a chance to release an original single, "Unromantic". From here, they became more enthusiastic to release their own original works. Then in 2009 they recruited Shanda Singgih (bass) to join the team. Finally in late October 2011 their debut album, Sing With Drew, was released. It consisted of 11 songs, the compositions are basically easy listening pop songs but more deep and meaningful, yet based on non-fictions. Two well-known guys also participated behind the scene for Drew debut album: Tommy P. Utomo as the sound engineer, and Andi Rianto as the music director. Their first single, "Radio", has currently played heavily on national radios. Go to MySpace and type "singwithdrew" to listen to their songs and find out more about them.
Edition: October 19, 2011Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: WENING GITOMARTOYOBest Days:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by Wening herself :: HALO, KAWAN Pertama-tama, terima kasih untuk yang tersohor Rudolf Dethu atas undangannya untuk membuat pameran musik ini. Saya kerap merasa gugup saat membuat playlist atau mixtape/CD, karena pasti saya akan berlaku ceroboh alias ada saja yang terselip atau malah menyertakan lagu yang nantinya saya sesali. Berhubung saya sudah jarang membuat mixtape/CD untuk kawan-kawan, ini saya buat untuk (ceritanya) kawan baru alias sebagai sarana berkenalan sekaligus untuk kawan lama. Kurang lebih inilah lagu-lagu dalam keseharian saya, yang membuat saya menangis, terkagum-kagum, sampai bergoyang halus di balik meja kantor. Ada beberapa nama kegemaran yang tak tercantum, seperti Cocteau Twins atau David Gates, tapi tak menyebutkan bukan berarti tak mencintai (walau bukan lantas berarti saya suka Nicki Minaj). Semoga menikmati. Radio streaming live:
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniHere comes another soulful, amazing, honey-voiced chanteuse on the Indonesian music scene: ladies and gentlemen, we give you Jemima. With a mix of Malaysian, Japanese, Javanese, and Chinese blood, this multi-colored beauty has just released her self-titled debut album, Jemima. Released by demajors Independent Music Industry, her first ever track "Musik Sepi" was a protest song about the music situation in Indonesia. The song itself was based on her view about the current music scene that she saw right after she just got back from the US, having studied music production at Berklee College of Music. In this sensual soul-oriented album Jemima is not only the singer, she's also the producer, writer, arranger, even plays keyboard. Her friends, Fajar Adi Nugroho, Torank Ambarita, and Aditya Wibowo, support her for the rest of the album, taking care of the bass, guitar and drum department. Check out her MySpace page by typing "djemima" or simply grab a copy of her her album from any good record shops, or by contacting demajors directly.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniThis project has received a load of hype on Indonesian music scene after one of their song, "Sunshine" (featuring Sashi), was chosen to be part of the soundtrack of a local box-office movie, Catatan Harian Si Boy. Almost at the same time, the other single, "Conversation" (featuring Imela Kei and Rayen), became a radio favorite when it hit the music charts. This coming October Amanda and Friends are scheduled to release their debut album temporarily titled The Journey Called A. While waiting for the album to be released, go check reverberation and YouTube, type in "Amanda and Friends" to check out some of their music.



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