Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: VEROLAND

Saya sangat kaget ketika membaca email dari Mr. Dethu kemarin yang mengingatkan saya harus mengirim list lagu-lagu pilihan saya dalam dua hari.

Domestic Groove: EKA ANNASH

Undun by The Roots, El Camino by The Black Keys, and a complete discography of an all-female Cali-glam rock outfit called Fanny. They’re way better than The Runaways.

Raksasa: Laskar Pelangi Indie

Jika memperhatikan sosok orang-orang yang terlibat maka spontan muncul kesimpulan: dream team, all stars, dan segala tajuk yang menggambarkan sebuah kolaborasi duh-ideal.

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: DAVID BURDEN

Edition: December 14, 2011

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: DAVID BURDEN
Best British Songs of the Nineties, Noughties and Beyond

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, handpicked and written by David himself ::

As you may have guessed by the title of this list, I’m English. I like tea. I don’t take myself very seriously. I lived in a place called Aberystwyth at university. I used to be an English teacher. I’m terrible at learning other languages. I like bodyboarding. I always wanted to be an angry young man but I’m too happy-go-lucky. I take photographs for a living. I spend too long thinking about things. Tragically, I have at least five different ways of getting on the Internet at my house. I’m a morning person. I like dark comedy. I think music has more power than most people realize. I hate it when auto correct changes realise to realize.

If you think this playlist may seem just a teeny weeny bit nationalistic, you’re probably right (I do love music from all over the world though, honest. I was just struggling to find a theme here). What I think this playlist demonstrates best is that once all the hype has died down and people are off chasing the next big thing, songs can actually be properly appreciated. I think the problem with most music that gets released is an overkill of hype – especially in the UK. Now more than ever the next cool band replaces the last too fast thanks to today’s throwaway culture. A few years down the line and it has become a lot clearer (to me anyway) exactly which ones were five minute fads and which ones I’ll take along with me for the rest of my life.

I thought about putting them into some kind of chronological sequence but that was far too fiddly, so in no particular order, I hope you enjoy my standout tracks from the good old UK from the last 20 years. Let’s hope the next 20 years are equally as fertile. RULE BRITANNIA!

Big shout out to Mr. Dethu and the TBD crew. Cheers!

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Fight Night and Fever to Tell

Here’s one brand new band people should watch: Fever To Tell. Formed in early 2010 in Jakarta the group with unique formation, four women one men, has received praise for their dynamic live performance.

Mixing Riot Grrrl 90’s rock—think Bikini Kill—and add 80’s new wave to its element, their first single “Fight Night” gained huge attention from the indie scene and music journalists. Trax FM and OZ Radio Jakarta have played it quite intensively. It’s also used as the main theme song for a short movie, Peron, which is in Belkibolang’s compilation. Not to mention one cool radio program, Substereo in OZ Radio Jakarta, named them as “The Chosen One”.

As new kids on the block, they have been invited to some prestigious live gigs in the capital city of Indonesia such as JavaRockin’Land, Terusik Traxkustik and The Music Network Festival.

Fever To Tell is now compiling material to be included in their first E.P. The band is planning to start recording in January 2012. Keep yourself updated by visiting their website

Ini Waktunya

Setelah absen kurang lebih empat tahun, Ballads of the Cliché siap meluncurkan rilisan terbaru. Sebuah album penuh sedang direncanakan. Untuk mengawalinya, mereka baru saja merilis sebuah single digital yang dibagikan secara gratis via dunia maya berjudul “Ini Waktunya”.

Silakan masuk ke halaman utama untuk mengunduhnya.

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: RANDY SALIM

Edition: August 31, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: RANDY SALIM

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and (most) photos, handpicked and written by Randy Himself ::

First and foremost, a huge heartfelt thanks to Rudolf for asking me to do this: putting this playlist together really took me back to the days where I’d stay up all night with friends making mix tapes, not wanting to cheapen the experience by just sloppily putting a few songs together, but making sure that the whole tape makes sense from start to finish. A coherence. A cohesion. A willingness to sacrifice songs that you like individually because they don’t fit in to the rest of the collective. That geek John Cusack plays in High Fidelity? I’m that guy in real life. I have a million rules to making a mix tape. I agonize over song selection. I lose sleep over track listings. I feel physical discomfort thinking that I may have removed the wrong song from the track listing. I convince myself that this mix tape is as important as reducing global poverty, and I become consumed in the process. So there—thanks Rudolf for helping me reconnect with my inner-mixtape-making-geek!

So what’s the common thread here? Monstrous riffs, beats that make you want to commit physical assault, vocals that defy medical logic, lyrics written with middle fingers permanently pointing skyward—all the forces that drive you to pump your fist, bang your head, air drum maniacally and air guitar like the biggest fucking retard on the planet. (All of which I did while putting this together!)

None of the stuff here is overly indie or that hard to find. Consider me boring-ass mainstream. Whatever dude. Why bring
politics into music? The point here is just to crank it and lose your shit. Enjoy.

Love, peace and death metal.

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Tanam Saja

Lagu ini bagus banget, segar lagi pintar, klop untuk mengantarkan kita menyambut pagi, menulis atau membaca dan minum kopi, serta kesadaran tentang pentingnya menanam kembali.

Selamat menikmati dan silakan diunduh bebas bea.

Indonesia Mahardika

Edition: August 17, 2011

Indonesia Mahardika

Edisi kali ini adalah sesi khusus memperingati hari kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia yang ke-66. Saya tidak meminta Anda menjadi *uhuk* nasionalis. Saya tidak merajuk agar para sejawat memakai kacamata kuda lalu membabibuta mencintai Nusantara brengsek ini. Atau meleleh berpanas-panas menghormati bendera Merah Putih bak fasis pro-integrasi. Apa yang mau dibanggakan lagi dari negeri kacrut ini? Hampir nihil aspek-aspek yang bisa bikin bangsa ini tegak jumawa. NKRI yang konon gemah ripah loh jinawi ini sejatinya mencret, limbung dan bersimbah darah.

Sudahlah, gunakan saja mata hati lalu akui bahwa Indonesia adalah negara (hampir) gagal. Sekarang yang kita punya tinggal rasa percaya bahwa kita bisa menjadikannya lebih baik, hampir muak tapi menolak tunduk, pula disertai niat kuat merawat demokrasi—menjunjung tinggi kebebasan berpikir, berbicara, berekspresi—dan pantang menyerah turut berperanserta mereparasi republik ini.

Ya, mencintai Indonesia, di antaranya, bisa dilakukan lewat berjuang memelihara aset berkesenian, menghargai sejarah olah senandung negeri ini.

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku!

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Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: COKI SINGGIH

Edition: August 10, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: COKI SINGGIH
Music That Take Me Places

:: Playlist, intro, and song descriptions, handpicked and written by Coki Himself ::

Dari dulu sampai sekarang gue selalu lebih suka playlist orang, karena kalau playlist sendiri, well, gak ada kejutannya aja, jadi waktu almighty Dethu minta playlist, I knew it’s going to be a tough shit…

Gak ada tema khusus buat playlist gua, gua lebih ke particular mood I was in at certain time, or what songs play in my head that I want to hear.

Yang jelas ini lagu-lagu yang selalu gue denger from time to time, and the only theme that fits is “Music That Takes Me Places”. If I still like the places it is taking me, chances are I’m still gonna listen to it.

For me, Great Music takes me places, places I dream to be, feelings I yearn to feel. Good Music takes me places, but not necessarily places I favor. Bad Music do not take me anywhere, just bunch of tunes that doesn’t mean shit.

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Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: ANDRIE KEMIR MAULANA

Edition: July 27, 2011

Rock-n-Roll-Exhibition: Kemir
Lights Low, Volume High, Fantasizing

:: Playlist, intro, and song descriptions, handpicked and written by Kemir Himself ::

Judul yang saya ambil dari The Milo, salah satu band favorit saya yang paling bertanggung jawab dalam membuka sisi lain dari seorang Andrie Kemir Maulana yang sebelumnya hanya mendengarkan musik yang biasa dikumandangakan di radio-radio mainstream (Top 40) tapi oleh karena itu saya sangat berterima kasih, seolah saya menemukan siapa saya sebenarnya.

Perkenalan yang sangat bermakna itu (2003) membuat saya sadar satu hal “dalam membuat satu playlist, dibutuhkan juga imajinasi” (waktu menjabat sebagai Music Director di radio), gak melulu tentang segmen radio ataupun memutarkan lagu lagu yang sedang trend, tapi juga menciptakan daya khayal ataupun memainkan emosi pendengar.

Lagu-lagu yang saya pilih ini adalah sedikit dari lagu-lagu hasil imajinasi saya ketika sedang berada di dalam kamar redup cahaya, hanya ditemani sebungkus Marlboro merah dan sebotol vodka dengan perasaan gamang, carut marut bin galau—biar kaya abege jaman sekarang eaaa…

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