Ray D’Sky: Dreaming Dreams

Setelah relatif sukses menggedor blantika musik Indonesia lewat Released by Reality pada 2009, tiga tahun berselang, Ray D'Sky kembali datang.
Perserikatan introspective folk paling dihormati di Bali yang notabene pamornya berangsur kian benderang dalam lingkup Nusantara, Dialog Dini Hari, baru saja menerbitkan album termutakhirnya, Lengkung Langit.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniHere comes tristan, an alternative folk duo who are currently much-loved by many young adult Jakartans. Two high-school friends are the main members, Andrie Ridwan (singer, songwriter) and Andrew Hutasoit (multi-instrumentalist, composer), and they have just released their full-length debut album, HOME. Consisting of 11 songs, only one is written in Indonesian, the rest are in English. However, the Indonesian one, "Jelang Malam", was instantly appreciated by the Indonesian public and has reached top position on one of Jakarta radio's indie charts. Released under the flag of demajors records, all of the album materials were intimately recorded at home, using what the band calls their "home-recording" technique. Presenting "Songbird" as their first single, tristan music style is, according to them, heavily infected by The Beatles, Radiohead, Nick Drake, Jon Brion and Brooke Fraser. Keep yourself updated by visiting frequently, and following the band on Twitter at @tristanologi.
Pertama kali muncul pada 1994 kala dimana musik alternatif mulai merebak di Nusantara, Fable mengawali kiprahnya di beragam panggung di Jakarta, mulai dari ajang alternatif, brit pop, hardcore, pensi sampai kafe.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniAnother young talented Jakarta band: Drew. The story started in 2007. Sashi Gandarum (vocal, guitar) was asked to be a regular performer doing acoustic cover version sets at a cafe in Kemang. Sashi then asked her old band mates Putra Praditya (guitar) and Aji Yudo (drum) to back her up. Drew, a unisex name, was also chosen due to an admiration to Drew Barrymore. Thus, a band was born. During three years when they played in bars and lounge around Kemang, they had a chance to release an original single, "Unromantic". From here, they became more enthusiastic to release their own original works. Then in 2009 they recruited Shanda Singgih (bass) to join the team. Finally in late October 2011 their debut album, Sing With Drew, was released. It consisted of 11 songs, the compositions are basically easy listening pop songs but more deep and meaningful, yet based on non-fictions. Two well-known guys also participated behind the scene for Drew debut album: Tommy P. Utomo as the sound engineer, and Andi Rianto as the music director. Their first single, "Radio", has currently played heavily on national radios. Go to MySpace and type "singwithdrew" to listen to their songs and find out more about them.
The city of Bekasi has never been much known for its musical talent, that is, with the possible exception of The Experience Brothers. The rocking' duo are currently playing to packed audiences all over the place, not to mention having a new album out there. After forming as a trio in 2001 and recording their first album in 2008 called Summer of Love, they decided to change the lineup to a duo, featuring Ibrahim Saladdin as the lead vocalist and guitarist, and Daud Sarassin in charge of drums and backing vocal. In 2011 they finally released their new album, Eye Contact, with the track "She's Alright" as their first single. They call their mix of Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin and raw today's music as "modern psychedelic rock blues". If you're still not convinced, check them out first on MySpace and join their Facebook page, or try to catch one of their frequent live gigs around town.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniHere comes another soulful, amazing, honey-voiced chanteuse on the Indonesian music scene: ladies and gentlemen, we give you Jemima. With a mix of Malaysian, Japanese, Javanese, and Chinese blood, this multi-colored beauty has just released her self-titled debut album, Jemima. Released by demajors Independent Music Industry, her first ever track "Musik Sepi" was a protest song about the music situation in Indonesia. The song itself was based on her view about the current music scene that she saw right after she just got back from the US, having studied music production at Berklee College of Music. In this sensual soul-oriented album Jemima is not only the singer, she's also the producer, writer, arranger, even plays keyboard. Her friends, Fajar Adi Nugroho, Torank Ambarita, and Aditya Wibowo, support her for the rest of the album, taking care of the bass, guitar and drum department. Check out her MySpace page by typing "djemima" or simply grab a copy of her her album from any good record shops, or by contacting demajors directly.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniThis project has received a load of hype on Indonesian music scene after one of their song, "Sunshine" (featuring Sashi), was chosen to be part of the soundtrack of a local box-office movie, Catatan Harian Si Boy. Almost at the same time, the other single, "Conversation" (featuring Imela Kei and Rayen), became a radio favorite when it hit the music charts. This coming October Amanda and Friends are scheduled to release their debut album temporarily titled The Journey Called A. While waiting for the album to be released, go check reverberation and YouTube, type in "Amanda and Friends" to check out some of their music.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniYouTube has worked its magic again. This time the digital miracle happened to Raisa. An upload of her acoustic performance of "Serba Salah" with her back-up band in late 2010 met with a quick and very positive response from the public. By early 2011, more than a hundred thousand people had already viewed her video. Thinking that this was her time to pursue her dream, the former back-up singer for RAN decided to step forward. Several weeks ago, she finally released her much-anticipated debut album, Raisa. Produced by Asta (RAN) and Handy + Rio (Soulvibe), and released by Universal Music Indonesia, the album consists of 9 songs by the 21-year-old lady, with mostl moving in the direction of pop with a touch of R&B. It seems she is not far behind her idols, such as India Arie, Brian McKnight, Steve Wonder, Joss Stone, Alicia Keys, etc. Her music "career", which started when she was three years old, singing "A Whole New World" has now become a serious business. In case you haven't seen it, go check out her much-talked video, by going on to YouTube, typing "Serba Salah", and witnessing it yourself. If you like it, that's the only beginning.
Domestic chaos and prolonged internal problems in Indonesia has inspired The Brandals to write and release DGNR8 (read: degenerate). The latest album after a drought of for four years is a tribute to the great nation of Indonesia, and how the band feels that the country has lost its way of life. The rather cynical viewpoint from the group that now prefers to call themselves "BRNDLS" is further strengthened by the design of the album cover, which is in the shape of the form of drug packaging. According to the band, DGNR8 is a kind of drug offered to the sick people in the dilapidated condition of the nation. Also with the progressive statements, the music direction has changed somewhat as well. The explosive approach of earlier efforts is now more controlled as the quartet grow older and more mature, but the foundation is still rock-n-roll. In one song, "Abrasi", Eka Annash & co. even invited the hip hop living legend, Morgue Vanguard aka Ucok Homicide to rap. Other than audio disc, this album has an interesting bonus, too, DGNR8: The DVD, which is a documentary movie about the making of the album, including the "behind the screen" story about the music and the dynamics of these angry young men.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniAfter releasing an album with the theme of women's emancipation in 2010, Oppie Andaresta is back again with Dengan Hati Senang. Released in April 2011, this newest composition is quite easy listening and more radio-friendly compared to the last offering. As Oppie puts it, "Wider segment: commercial-oriented, more footlose-and-fancy-free." The album, with "Mau Have Fun" as the first single, consist of nine songs which talks mostly about daily life and social issues. In "Matahariku", for instance, she sings about her beloved husband (without him even realizing it), while "Jangan Bedakan (Ayah Bunda)" points at the distorted relationship between parents and their children. Despite the photos that expressing her more "modern" look, the ambassador of Peduli Perempuan (women's rights), has asserted that she's still the same Oppie inside. The urban cosmopolitan look is only a fun experiment initiated by her photographer. She's not into manufactured images, she's still into simple and natural images, just as she's always been. Currently, Oppie is busy promoting Dengan Hati Senang to the radios around big cities in Indonesia with a tour following in July.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniBayu Risa has made impressive moves since he was a kid. At the age of 10 he traveled around many South East Asian countries and even to the USA to sing with his vocal group. During his high school era, this Jakarta-based singer actively performing in cafes and school shows around town. He went to Bandung after he graduated and got busy with a band called Ever Nine. After quite a long break due to illness, he was asked to join Pasto which helped develop his reputation on the Indonesian music scene significantly. While he was still in Pasto they released an album produced by Glenn Fredly in 2007. Despite Pasto's ever growing fame, Bayu Risa decided to quit to pursue a solo career. In 2009 he released his first single, "Inner Beauty", which attracted a good amount of success. However things really started moving when he met Joseph Saryuf in 2010. Joseph then became his producer and helped him to release his first full-length solo album under Sinjitos Records called Rise and Start Again. The ten composition on the album are an eclectic mix of musical genres, from beautiful pop melodies to funk beats, from sexy R&B grooves to spaced out disco. The single "Percaya" performed well in many prestigious music charts across Indonesia. The single also helped Bayu to secure a position at the two major national music festivals, 'Playground' and 'Soulnation'. Recently, one of the song from Rise and Start Again was used in an ad campaign by a national mobile phone network operator.
Versi Bahasa Indonesia silakan klik di siniAfter playing classical piano since he was as young as 12 years old, Luky Annash ended up going down the 90's music path rather than sticking to the classical tunes. Nirvana and Tori Amos give him more freedom for interpretation than Mozart and baroque composition where he felt limited. In 2005, the younger brother of Eka and Rully Annash (The Brandals), made up his mind, and decide to dive in completely in contemporary music and starting to join bands like The Brandals, godmustbecrazy, and Tika and the Dissidents. Finally in April 2011 he released his debut album called 180º under Demajors in which he talks a lot about life's adventure how things can be be changed 180º if you are willing to accept both the dark and the bright side. The influence of his favorite artists like Tori Amos, Harry Nilsson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Björk, Apparat, Phillip Glass, Danny Elfman---even Slayer and Motörhead---can be heard on the album.


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